What is a sculpture?

The trimage® Sculpture is an innovative and unique product; our personalized and simple crafting system allows you to convert a picture into a fabulous 3D sculpture quickly and easily. It can be produced in multiple formats and shapes such as keyrings, magnets, decorative clocks, Christmas ornaments, bookends, napkin holders, coasters, trophies, business card and brochure displays and many others.

Main Product Advantages

1.- Unlimited Demand. Every year millions of photos are taken. In the digital era there is increasingly high demand for images and for new ways to make them long-lasting. The special features of trimage® personalized sculptures satisfy that desire: innovative, eye-catching, original and fun! Just imagine people’s excitement when they see their pictures mounted as a sculpture! Trimage® sculptures can be used for all kinds of events at any time of the year: birthdays, weddings, bachelor parties, family events and celebrations, vacations, sporting events, etc. Great for the tourist industry, schools, company events and advertising. 

2.- Low Cost. The average price for your customers will be around $35.00.