Entrepreneurs (2015): "..."the TRIMAGE secret lies in the fact that they sell products that exist but which aren’t sold directly to customers just to big firms. TRIMAGE is a role model for success..."


NEW JOB (2014): "...Imaginative images. For personalising key rings, coasters and anything else with photos of your customers. Most people like to keep photos to remember special moments over and over again. Thanks to Trimage and its international network of franchisees, these flat images can now acquire three dimensions and become much more lifelike..."


ABC (2013): "...Photos with a little more life. If you want to give someone an original gift, turn their favourite photos into sculptures. Trimage can take any snapshot and make a 3D object out of it. The range includes bookmarks, key rings, clocks, napkin rings, coasters, trophies, business card holders, fridge magnets and Christmas decorations. It takes just 48 hours, with prices ranging from €9 to €40..."


En Franquicia (2012): "...and why not consider another business dimension?  Personalised photo sculptures. A totally novel idea that the promoter José María Neira, through a new franchise, Trimage,  believes is set to become a “bombshell”, because it contains the three basic business concepts: self-employment, low investment and home based. And also because personalised products are storming the market in these times of globalisation and standardisation..."


Millionaire (2011): "...Thanks to the idea commercialised by the Trimage  franchise, those moments of your life captured in a framed photo can come to life in the form of a sculpture. And all it takes is a few minutes..."


Segundamano (2010): "...José María Neira has re-invented the same personalised gift formula that he used so successfully with story books. This time the formula has been applied to photos, artistically transformed into methacrylate “sculptures...”


Mercado de Trabajo (2009): "... José María Neira takes up a new formula that promises to provide your loved ones with volume so that they can stand on a desk or shelf instead of gazing out of a photo frame. This unique initiative has already attracted 30 franchisees..."


Comercio & Industria (2009) "The key is to sell a low cost and original product. After the success of the personalized stories, José María Neira decided to search for his own original product, which he would think of himself.  The new business should be possible to do from home, with simple and inexpensive methods.  Finally he decided on the world of photography challenging traditional brands with a new product: the creation of silhouetted figures on a base.”


Mercado Laboral (2009) "Everyone likes to immortalize the significant and even the insignificant moments of our lives in photographs. Trimage has gone even further than the printed photograph by offering an innovative product: personalized sculptures made from photographs mounted upon a plexiglass base to give them more volume."


INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISE (2015): "...the key was to sell a low cost and original product". Following the success of his personalised story books, José María Neira decided to look for a new product, one that he could design himself and that would be as original as ever. The new business also had to be home based, simple and low-cost. He finally opted for photos, challenging the world of traditional frames with a novel product: the creation of silhouetted figures on a base... ”