FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to make a trimage® sculpture?

How do I learn the system?

After learning, what do I do if I still have questions?

What equipment do I need?

Is it mandatory to buy supplies from the Corporate Offices?

Is the equipment guaranteed?

I want to buy the trimage® license. What are the next steps?


It is definitely very easy. Our licensees are young people, students, part time workers, small entrepreneurs and people on the verge of retirement, etc. It is quick and easy to learn the trimage® system. All our licensees have learned our system by watching our training DVD and following our training manuals. 

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You will learn our quick and easy system by utilizing the Training DVD and Training Manual we will send you.

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You can contact us via e-mail, phone or through Skype. We will always answer your questions and try to help you. You have our word! 

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We will provide you with all the necessary equipment to transform a printed picture into a beautiful trimage® sculpture.

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No, it is not mandatory. You have the freedom to buy the supplies at your vendor of choice. You will receive an initial set of supplies from us when you acquire our trimage® license, and then you will be able to easily find other local suppliers.

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We offer you full coverage and guarantee the equipment you buy from us. You will never have need to repair it. We will replace any damaged equipment for you that was purchased from our Corporate Offices. 

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Please click on Become a licensee, now!  or call us at (786) 220-4662. You will complete the following simple steps:

1.- To reserve your exclusive territory, you will need to make a 25% downpayment on the license fees. License fees are determined by the size of the territory selected.
2.- The license agreement should be signed at the time the downpayment is made.
3.- Once final payment is made, you will receive the equipment, supplies and training materials via courier - everything you need to get started with your trimage® business!

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