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trimage® belongs to the PhotoPodium Group - a world leader in low-investment, home-managed businesses since 1994. We are pioneers in the personalized 3D image industry with hundreds of licensees worldwide. Additionally, we are the proud owners of the Dinamix® brand, another international business success. Join our network of trimage® licensees and you will be part of a group of trailblazing entrepreneurs with more than 20 years in the franchise industry.

We want you to become a successful entrepreneur. Share the same success as more than 200 licensees in 20+ countries!

"My wish is that all our trimage® licensees could reach their goals at both a personal and a professional level, improving their quality of life and their lifestyle. You can always count on my total support as well as the trimage® team commitment”. José Neira, Founder and CEO of trimage®

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